Brexit hardliners lose war to help Johnson exit UK

Brexit hardliners lose war to help Johnson exit UK

LONDON – Abrasive, plain-spoken former journalist Lee Cain was part of a tight-knit group of Brexit campaigners who linked their fortunes to Boris Johnson, who was offered plum jobs on Downing Street when he became prime minister last year.

However, on Wednesday, Mr. Did the tax Brexit faction help him to power?

Mr. Speculation is now rife about Johnson’s future The most influential and divisive assistant, Dominic Cummings, The chief architect of the Brexit referendum campaign of the leave forces and Mr. Cain’s political patron.

Mr. The BBC has announced that Cummings will step down by the end of this year, and Transport Secretary Grand Shops told Sky News on Friday morning that he would “miss”.

The palace is being maneuvered as the British leader faces a sudden shift in political forces, with the election of a new, anti-Brexit US president and increasing pressure to reach a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union.

Joseph R., President-elect. Biden Jr.’s making a deal would avoid tensions with the United States on the Irish border. Has already been clarified His commitment to safeguarding the weak peace process in Northern Ireland.

Mr. Critics within Johnson’s own Conservative Party, Mr. Supported the dominance of the Cummings-led Downing Street group, which excelled in campaigning and purging political opponents during the Brexit period, but in the ruling business, especially the crucifixion of the corona virus epidemic.

Recently, Conservative lawmakers have openly stated that contagious policies, especially those surrounding locks, are excluded from decision-making. On Thursday, Charles Walker, vice chairman of the 1922 Backbone Committee, told the BBC he had “been dissatisfied with the No. 10 operation for some time”.

Mr. The catalyst for Cain’s demise is sectarian strife Plans to appoint a spokesman Before the new White House style TV news presentations.

Mr. Although Cain liked the idea, he decided to hire former journalist and broadcaster Alegra Stratton. He did not care about Johnson’s decision. Ms. Stratton, who once worked at the left-leaning Guardian, was never likely to provoke cultural wars or adopt the abrasive, chemical tone desired by Brexit hard-liners.

Mr. Mr. Johns. The backlash was quick when rumors spread that Cain would keep both by elevating him to a powerful leadership position. During a campaign in 2010, he was accused of making fun of former Conservative leader David Cameron. Cain wore a chicken pants.

Mr. Among those said to be opposed to the plan to promote Cain was, according to the BBC, Mr. Johnson’s fiance was Gary Symonds.

The clash ended late on Wednesday, with Mr. Cain issued a statement saying he was “honored” to be asked to serve as prime minister’s chief, but decided after careful consideration to resign from the government.

Mr. Mr. Cain’s departure. It gives Johnson the opportunity to change his team – a shake-up that some analysts say is a delay, he faces the combined economic pressures of epidemic and Brexit, which they predict could disrupt Britain’s trade deal.

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“There is going to be a lot of pressure on this government in January,” said Vernon Boktanor, a government professor at King’s College London. “Unemployment is likely to increase and there will be pressures for state intervention, redistribution of income and reduction of inequalities.”

Such a social democratic approach would test the Conservative backbenchers because the government should do things like raising taxes on things that the Tories generally hate. But Mr. Johnson is ideologically flexible, Mr. As Pogtanor points out, the Conservatives are “not an ideological party, they are a pragmatic party.”

Immediately, the weakening of the hardline Brexit faction in government led Mr. Johnson may have decided not to risk Brexit without a deal, which may indicate that he is willing to make compromises to get a deal, given all the other pressures. With the European Union.

Under those new pressures, Mr. Biden’s presence, too, has opposed the “voting leave” agenda and will look critically at Britain for further divisions between him and the EU. Mr Blair emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Brussels. Mr. Johnson is already Mr. Warned Johnson.

Mr. Johnson has been pursuing aggressive tactics that expose the “vote” group’s identities. He introduced legislation that would violate the government’s promises for a post-Brexit Northern Ireland and re-establish a tough border in Ireland.

But many analysts have ruled out showing Mr Biden forex trading in any case.

The threat to revive a border in Ireland is “a strategy to improve the EU,” said Mujtaba Rahman, an analyst at the Eurasia Group on Political Risk. “In a world where Trump has won, that strategy may have been tested and perhaps strengthened. But of course, with Biden, it’s not going to stop. ”

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He said not only would Mr Biden defend Ireland’s interests, but that the split between Britain and the EU would prevent Britain from being a potential partner with the United States on global issues such as standing with Russia. And China or the fight against climate change.

Mr. Mr. Cummings’ fate. There will be an important clue in the direction of Johnson’s government. Earlier this year, He kept his job despite a rude trip that blatantly violated the rules of the corona virus, A chapter explaining his importance as a lotstar To a Prime Minister who has lightly worn his political ideology.

However, Mr. Mr. Cummings. Mr said he would not be surprised to see Cain evacuated from Downing Street soon. Menon said.

“He is part of a tribe and if he sees his tribe weakening, yes, it is possible,” he said. “But it is equally possible that Cummings realized that running a government was not as easy or as fun as he thought. It requires patience, perseverance and cooperation with others.”

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