Brexit: PM sets EU trade deal deadline October 15th

Brexit: PM sets EU trade deal deadline October 15th

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Ending talks with the EU without negotiating it is still a “good result,” the PM would say.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to say that if there is no agreement on trade between the EU and the UK by October 15th, the two sides will have to “accept it and keep going.”

Johnson would say that completing the UK’s EU withdrawal without a trade deal is still a “good result.”

It came after British chief negotiator David Frost said. Britain is not “fear” to walk.

The eighth meeting is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

But just before negotiations The Financial Times reported that the UK is planning a new bill that will redefine a key part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Made last year.

The new legislation would remove legal effect on Northern Ireland’s customs, designed to avoid borders with the Republic of Ireland.

It also takes precedence over provisions on state assistance (sometimes financial assistance provided by the government to businesses).

Government sources told the BBC that the bill would be introduced this week, explaining it as a “smart alternative option” if negotiations break.

They said they were “not intended to break down the talks,” but a leading EU diplomat told the BBC that it was a “self-defeating strategy” that would allow the trade talks to be fully released.

Foreign Minister Dominique Rab said on Sunday that the BBC’s Andrew Ma program had rules on two issues that need to be addressed in negotiations: fishing rights and state assistance.

The Prime Minister will say that before December 31, when the UK transition period ends, the time to find a solution is tight. The UK left the EU on January 31st, but continues to follow some EU regulations while trade agreements are negotiated.

“We are now in the final stages of negotiations with the EU,” Johnson is expected to say.

“It makes no sense to think about a schedule beyond that point,” he said, as he will say that it will require an agreement from the European Council on October 15 to be effective by the end of the year.

“If we can’t agree by then, it’s unlikely there will be a free trade agreement between us. We have to accept it and move on,” Johnson says.

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Media captionBBC’s Jonathan Blake halts the next round of Brexit negotiations.

Britain said it wants a strike Trade with the EU similar to Canada. But Johnson would say that no trading means “trade agreements with the EU like Australia” using the trading protocol set by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The Prime Minister said, “I want to make it clear that, as I said from the beginning, it will be good results for Britain.

He is going to say, “We are getting ready at the borders and ports.” A group representing road transporters warned that Britain was “sleepwalking in a disaster.”.

‘Always ready to speak’

“We will have full control over our laws, rules and fishing services,” says Johnson.

“We will have the freedom to trade with all countries in the world. As a result, we will prosper strongly.”

Even if no agreement is reached, the Prime Minister is expected to find “reasonable adjustments to practical matters”, including flight, trucking and scientific cooperation, saying the UK “will always be ready to talk to our EU friends”.

He would say that if the EU is ready to reconsider its position “even at this stage,” it “has yet to be agreed”.

“But we can’t and won’t compromise on the basics of what it means to be an independent state to get it.”

Michael Barnier, EU’s chief negotiator, previously said The end of October is the “strict deadline” for signing the contract. Next year.

He showed “openness to find compromise,” but said that “must move” to avoid the consequences of the UK not negotiating.

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