Brexit. The business marathon continues to cross the last ‘backbone’

Brexit.  The business marathon continues to cross the last ‘backbone’

The announcement of the deal, which is considered “immediate” on Wednesday, was also scheduled for this morning, at 8 a.m. in Brussels, with indications that press conferences of the European Commission chief could take place in Brussels, and that “last-minute difficulties” related to the British Prime Minister’s but fisheries document in London had arisen because of Irish diplomacy. The leader publicly agreed.

Speaking at a public RTE station, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Gowney confirmed that a press conference had been scheduled for Thursday morning with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which did not take place afterwards and apparently last-minute difficulties related to “fisheries, one of the many ‘documents’ that dragged on for months, with issues of conflict and dispute resolution. Has already been overturned.

Nevertheless, the Irish minister said he believed the long-awaited announcement of a trade agreement between the EU and the UK was “still happening today”.

Several diplomatic sources point to the announcement of an agreement very soon, with a long-awaited phone call between commission chairman Ursula van der Leyen and Prime Minister Boris Johnson – the last dawn of contact – to ‘seal’ the deal, December 31, ‘from the end of the’ Brexit ‘period’. A week.

Although the European Parliament does not have time to approve the trade agreement in the remaining days until the end of the year – the negotiated text is about 2,000 pages long and will take its time to review – EU member states will be able to authorize their ratification of the Trade Agreement with London on January 1, 2021, on a provisional basis. , European sources guarantee that procedures in this direction have already been developed.

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Without a commitment, trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union will continue until January 1 under the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which refers to the use of tariffs and import quotas.

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