‘Bridgeton’ is the 5th largest Netflix release of all time; See numbers

'Bridgeton' is the 5th largest Netflix release of all time;  See numbers

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – “Bridgeton”, which premiered on December 25, hit Netflix with a particular way of presenting a timeline plot about the eight aristocratic brothers. The series is already the fifth major release on the streaming site, with over 63 million families watching the production in its first 28 days.

An adaptation of the novels by author Julia Quinn, and produced by Chris Van Duson and produced by Shonda Rhymes, the series ranks first in 76 countries as a streaming service. In addition to Brazil, it also occurred in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and South Africa. It was in the top 10 in all other countries where Netflix exists, except Japan.

The big numbers of “Bridgeton” don’t stop there. The success of the background data of this series is the result of the work of many, and a lot of wood (about 40 km of boards were used to build the set). The cast, for example, is 113 people.

The studio recorded 45 days of filming and 90 days of filming at 35 locations. To this end, the film crew consisted of 1,188 professionals, including 18 acrobatics coordinators and stage artists, 232 members of the costume team and 161 hair and makeup. As for the costumes, 123 were made only for the Daphne character (which only speaks to the first layer of the costume), and 232 costumes for the entire cast.

The dances in the series were impressive in scale: 25 were performed, 16 of which were indoors. Time passes by an hour, including the minutes of the dance created for “Bridgeton”. About 3,600 dance steps were taken, and eight balls were recorded. For this, there were 38 dancers in the production, except for 10 children. In the experiments, six different studios were used in London.

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