Bridgeton won the audience and Netflix’s most watched series in 76 countries – the series

Protagonistas de Bridgerton - Foto: Divulgação/Netflix

Launched late last year, Bridgeton has become a new success for Netflix. According to a survey conducted by Decode, the demand for the books that led to the series has increased by 3,330%, and the search for the author of the collection has increased, and today there are 1,116% searches. Today the production ranks Netflix in the top 10 in 76 countries.

The study also found that Bridgeton, which has reached more than 8.6 million Twitter users based on comments, has attracted attention on social media. On the social network, 84% of references to the plot came from touching viewers.

11% never saw the first season with eight episodes. Already 5% of people admit to being disappointed in the production because they expect more after reading conspiracy theories and positive feedback from fans and journalists who specialize in television in the United States.

Actors are the main reason why the public (55%) continue to watch this series. Romantic and erotic scenes are the main reason why 30% of the viewers liked this series. Meanwhile, 15% of Bridgeton’s audience is interested in soundtrack.

“Netflix expects the series to reach 63 million homes in its first month, and it’s all about curiosity – and everyone – around it,” he sums it up. Consumer Intelligence Analyst at Decode, Leticia Tiffenbaugh.

Bridgeton and its history

The series begins with an erotic world full of luxuries and rivalry between 19th-century London high society.

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