British government denies diplomatic status to EU ambassador

British government denies diplomatic status to EU ambassador

The British government refuses to grant diplomatic status of ambassador to the representative of the European Union (EU) in the United Kingdom, the Portuguese João Vale de Almeida, the BBC reported Thursday.

According to the British public channel, the British Foreign Office considers that the European ambassador and officials should not enjoy the same privileges and immunities granted to diplomats by the Vienna Convention because the EU is an international organization and not a state .

When foreign ambassadors take up their duties in the UK, they must present the letters of credence to the Queen, but João Vale de Almeida, who took office in early February 2020, after several years as European Ambassador to the United States – United, has not yet done so. .

The UK officially left the EU on January 31, 2020 and, if this decision is upheld, runs counter to the position of 142 other countries where the EU has delegations and ambassadors were given the same diplomatic status than the other ambassadors.

According to the BBC, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, wrote to UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in November expressing “serious concerns” about the issue, and the issue should be debated by United States ministers. EU Foreign Affairs next Monday.

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