Bronco Week 7 Stock Report: 5 risers, 5 polers

Bronco Week 7 Stock Report: 5 risers, 5 polers

After several major injuries to key players like Von Miller, Courtland Sutton and Jurrell Casey, the Denver Bronx wasn’t the ideal start to start the season, but the team fought late. When a team gets too many injuries like a Bronco, the low player on the depth chart has to step up, and the silver lining for the team’s 2-3 starters is that quite a few have.

But on the contrary, the Bronco has seen some players regress. With giant aviator Kansas City Chiefs on schedule next, it’s time to write a stock report for five risers and five pollers.

Stock: Tim Patrick | WR

When Sutton fell, many Broncos fans immediately looked for Jerry Jeudy, hoping for a rookie first-rounder to fill those shoes, but that didn’t happen. Instead, not only did Patrick go one step further, he flourished with a similar role that Sutton would fill with three different QBs throwing the ball.

Patrick’s Sutton’s suitability for vacuum was perfect because the two receivers had very similar playstyles. If Patrick goes one step further, Jeudy can help you do that too. Of course Jeudy has to move those hands, but that’s a completely different subject. It will be interesting to see what the future of Patrick will be as you force him to pay attention to the other person.

Stock Down: DaeSean Hamilton | WR

What kept Hamilton around was his solid blocking, but not this year. His effort was lacking, his path was sloppy, and his hands were bad. Now it’s time to get him to sit down and give another receiver (which we’ll talk about later) a chance to take on his role in the attack and see what might happen with him. Changing the NFL landscape could be Hamilton’s next step.

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Inventory: Michael Ojemudia | CB

The rookie got a third-place cornerback job outside of the camp, but was in second place due to an injury. Aside from his week 2 vs. Pittsburgh, Ojemudia was the best rookie corner in the NFL. His plan perfectly helps to make the transition to the NFL run more smoothly. There is still a lot of room for him to grow, but he is really fashionable.

Stock Down: Jake Butt | TE

Butt’s is a great story about perseverance, but it doesn’t help Denver win the game. Being incorrectly cast as an inline blocking tight end in Broncos’ plans didn’t help him because he wasn’t what he did best. The Butt is a stable receiving tight end that can be a security blanket for quarterbacks to create solid chunk play.

It’s a pity that Butt isn’t familiar with his strengths, but the fact is that when it comes to pass games, someone like Noah Fant offers more. Butt has to accept it and grow up to become what the Bronco needs him to do, but his blocking still remains a disaster, but still better than Albert Okwuegbunam.

Why are you referring to the Jade Weg Buman? Well, Burt seems to have almost lost the snap he received to Okwuegbunam, who offers enough big play potential to outweigh the slightly better blocking from Burt. It’s not enough just to justify the snap Butt gets.

Inventory: DeShawn Williams | DL

This could be the biggest surprise on this list with all the injuries Broncos handled on the defensive line, but Williams is playing really well. He didn’t stand out in any way, but showed that he could play in the NFL with a spinning piece on the line. It will be interesting to see how much he can take and further develop his game. He has a winning piece and now he has to put it all together.

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Inventory Fall: Nick Vannett | car

How disappointed was Vannett? It’s sad that he still needs to have his role as there isn’t a single tight end that can block better than him on the roster. It is a bit compared to the other hard ends. Unfortunately Vannett that much Although a blocker, he was nothing more than a disaster in the department and started with terrible footwork and terrible hand skills. He needs to go one step further. Otherwise, Denver will have to let him go and use a backup tackle to close the hard end. He was so bad.

Inventory: Thai Cleveland | WR

Aside from the blocks missed on the punt return, Cleveland was a great special team player for Broncos. His few chances for attack are also worth the team. Rookie opportunities are limited, but should increase if the Broncos are wise and limit Hamilton’s role in the future. Cleveland will see more of an attack in the future.

Inventory Fall: Essang Bassey | CB

There were a lot of people riding Bassey and they had their potential, but eventually failed. Denver still has to work with him as it can be a good slot corner, but it will take time. Benching Bassey was the right move and he had to hold the bench and grow. Although he wasn’t expected to be called as much as he was in his early days, the rise of AJ Bouye forced the Bronks coaches to be creative.

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Inventory: De’Vante Bausby | CB

When Bausby didn’t make a 53-man roster in the first place, it was a big shock and I had to dig into it for a reason. It was rumored to be afraid of contact and interim last year as I was scared of a neck injury and lost all sensation in my limbs for about 30 minutes.

It could be at the training camp, but whatever the reason Denver decided to put Bausby on the practice team based on his play after Bash hit the bench, his tackle wasn’t an issue on the field. When Denver moved Bassey to the bench, he moved Bryce Callahan to the slot, inserted Bausby into the perimeter, and the coverage units started to improve significantly. Bausby sometimes gives up parting, but he will come up quickly and tackle or break passes.

Inventory Fall: Alexander Johnson | LB

This is the most controversial player on this list. After twelve really promising games as a starting pitcher in 2019, Johnson has a lot left to want this year. He was by no means bad, but his play was not as good as a year ago with one exception.

Johnson’s defense of the run didn’t advance, and his play at coverage declined. Denver must find its way back. Johnson is still a solid linebacker and he has the potential to offer more, but all you have to do is collect it from him.

He has limited coverage, his opponents are abusing his late decisions, and combined with his late reaction and the stiffness of his hips make him pay for the defensive defensive play action. These next 11 games are very important to Johnson and the team’s evaluation.

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