Browns vs. Bengals Final Score: Cleveland Wins Penalty Shootout in Baker Mayfield’s 5th Touchdown

Browns vs. Bengals Final Score: Cleveland Wins Penalty Shootout in Baker Mayfield's 5th Touchdown

The Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals competed in Queen City, Ohio on Sunday. Baker Mayfield’s fifth touchdown pass has 11 seconds left, beating Cleveland rivals 37-34. Cleveland’s attack was only 1 minute and 6 seconds left after Cincinnati scored Go-Ahead Touchdown to get the ball back.

Bengals fans will be tired of hearing how good the rookie quarterback is, but Joe Burrow is the future star of the league. He threw 61 passes in the first meeting between the two teams, then completed 35 of the 47 passes for 406 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception in the afternoon.

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Why the Browns won

It was a slow start and a painful mistake in a critical situation where Cleveland almost hurt the game. Quarterback Baker Mayfield started the game by throwing five incomplete passes, including interception. Cincinnati was moving the ball and Cleveland was anemic. The Browns were penalized five times at 40 yards, which doesn’t sound bad, but the failure to judge came at a critical moment. Mayfield threw an interception for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, who injured in play. Kevin Johnson has been reported as a pass interference on Bengals’ second drive. I set them on a first-come, first-served basis on the Browns’ 1-yard line and switched to a touchdown. Nevertheless, the Browns were able to win the last whistle, get together and win.

For many years, the Northeast Ohio team has been a franchise defined in a creative way of defeat. Dwayne Rudd took off his helmet and put on a flag at the celebration, and field goal attempts resumed when time with Baltimore expired. The narrative started to change, whether it was Beckham’s game ceiling end-around for a touchdown with Dallas, or Donovan Peoples-Jones’ acrobatic catch in the end zone during today’s match. Fans don’t think the Browns game is over until the clock hits 0:00, but maybe that will change. Coach Kevin Stefanski mentally strengthened this team and turned the culture of losing into anticipation of victory. The current season may not end with the Lombardi Trophy, but for the first time since his return in 1999, fans are optimistic about the team’s direction.

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The reason Bengal lost

Defending allowed Mayfield, a Browns franchise record, to complete 21 straight. The league’s top rush attacks relied on pass attacks in the 29th place, rallying in the first half deficit of 17-10. Cincinnati’s defense had five quarterback hits, but the sack was zero. Defensive struggles and inadequate penalties were costly in week 7, and the 7 penalties and 2 turnovers are too much for the team hoping to win.

For the second week in a row, Bengals were victorious and won against the AFC Playoffs team.

Game statistics

Burrow became the first rookie quarterback in franchise history to threw more than 400 yards in the game. He is the second newcomer to join Patrick Ma Holmes since 1950 to threw more than 300 yards or five times in the first seven games of his career.

Myles Garrett forced the fourth fumble of the season, which is the player’s single season record. His seven sacks (including two more on Sundays) are the second-most player in the NFL after Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Game play

Cincinnati’s offense saw quarterback Joe Burrow, first and tenth on his 46-yard line, stepping back to pass in search of wide receiver AJ Green. Instead, Green was on a different page and continued on a longer path than the rookie throws. Corner back Terrence Mitchell threw a pass at him with no one around and he dropped it. That blockade could have been returned due to a potential game decision touchdown, but instead the play was an incomplete pass and the Bengals’ drive continued. Burrow recorded the touchdowns ahead and made them pay. Prior to Cleveland’s winning the game, these missed opportunities were queued in game-defined order.

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But cleveland did Complete the drive to win the game. With 1:06 left in the fourth quarter, Baker Mayfield and Browns’ attack took the ball back from their 25-yard line. Between an initial 13-yard completion to rookie wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones and a 24-yard touchdown pass to win the game against the same player, Mayfield completed a 2/3 pass with the first incomplete record after the 1st quarter spiked. It was a great rebound.

What future plans

Cleveland fights at home against the Las Vegas Raiders and says goodbye. The Raiders are 3-2 spurring the playoff hunt before the afternoon match against Tampa Bay. If Cleveland can win the match, the Browns will have a chance to set a 6-2 record and be healthy for the home stretch. Running bag Nick Chubb is set to return in mid-November.

Bengals also have a Week 9 buy, but they must first play against Tennessee Titans who lost 27-24 to Pittsburgh.

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