Bruno Fernandez talks about boxing day and penalties: how we must win anyway

Bruno Fernandez talks about boxing day and penalties: how we must win anyway

The former has now been fined nine penalties since February 2020 – when he started playing for Manchester United – with a penalty change against Aston Villa.

Bruno Fernandez reached 30 Premier League appearances in a 2-1 win over Aston Villa, who won Manchester United 2-1. In that number of games, with the goal he scored this Friday, he was involved in 33 goals (19 goals and 14 assists) for the Red Temples in terms of championship.

According to Optazone, the 26-year-old Portuguese international surpasses only one striker, Andrew Cole, who has played for several English clubs, including United. The former striker has scored 37 goals in his first 30 Premier League appearances.

In addition to these data, Aston Villa have been fined up since February 2020 – the date he started playing for Manchester United – with the former game starting to count with nine penalties. They are two more than any other player has achieved in this period.

He spoke to the BBC at the end of another decisive game, with Bruno Fernandez addressing the fact that he had been called up for scoring Manchester United penalties: “I think everyone should get a score. The most important thing is to get a score, it’s not how good it is. .I always believe I’ve going to hit a penalty, otherwise I’ve already sent the ball to someone else, “he said, after asking the team to maintain the winning mood. “We have to keep going like this, train hard and continue to win our games.”

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“When you dream of playing in the Premier League, immediately think about playing on Boxing Day and the first day of the year,” he concluded.

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