Burnout attempt ends with AMG C63 destroyed by flames

Burnout attempt ends with AMG C63 destroyed by flames

The exhibition ends badly with the destruction of a sports car

A driver who tried to add a car display to a wedding ceremony was ultimately able to destroy the car and report to the police.

The incident occurred in Chester Hill, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, and it occurred when the driver of a Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe attempted to burn himself out in front of the guests.

The intention was just that, because, despite several attempts to have the wheels burn the tire on the asphalt with the car stationary, the “burnout” did not occur.

What happened was the sports car caught fire. Without knowing the cause of the flames – not counting burnout attempts as the cause – the car began to burn, forcing the driver and the two passengers to exit the car at full speed.

Images of what happened were shared on social media and were also seen by the police, who went to demand accountability.

The 9 News Australia report not only mentions that “the firefighters couldn’t save” the coupe, but it puts the police on saying that “people who commit stupid acts with vehicles that end up on social media will be followed by the police. “.

And it happened, the authorities drew up an indictment against the driver’s conduct.

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