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Quick thoughts on the 69-67 loss in the state of Florida:

That’s how it happened: Unlike many of Indiana’s road games in recent seasons against ranked opponents, Wednesday’s match in Tallahassee came close to crushing time. Despite some dramatic decision-making and poor perimeter shooting to start the game, Indiana went two runs behind at the break. The Seminoles, who failed to utilize nine to half of their revenue from Indiana, never extended their lead beyond six points. This is a missed opportunity for the state of Florida. As the play settled in halfway through, Indiana’s confidence began to grow. The final stretch was back and forth. Indiana seemed to be in a good position with only two points to play in the first minute, but MJ Walker responded with a 3-pointer, giving the Seminoles a one-point advantage. Rob Pinci split a pair of free throws to build 62 before Florida State captured the final 51 seconds. Despite three attacks and four shots in the final 31 seconds, Florida State failed to score, sending the game into overtime. After Trace Jackson-Davis opened the scoring in overtime with a 3-point game, Indiana’s offense saw no extra time remaining. The Hoosiers did not score again until a pair of Jackson-Davis free throws equalized in 8.7 seconds. But Florida state freshman Scotty Barnes responded with a bucket in 1.8 seconds, helping the Seminoles escape with a two-point victory.

Distinctive actor: Jackson-Davis continues to rise on this occasion against a big time opponent. Sophomore forward scored another double-double with 40 points and 17 rebounds in 40 minutes.

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Stand-alone statistic: Indiana struggled to take shots again with no consistency as the Hosiers shot a bad 4-of-15 in the 3s (26.7 percent) and made only 40.5 percent of their 2s.

Final IU Personal Statistics:

Figures without final tempo:

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