‘Buttercup’ trailer highlights one of the best movies of the year

After winning a big award in Sundance Film Festival Early this year, A24 Preparing to release Under threat. The first footage of the film was released on Wednesday as a trailer drop.

Steven Yeun and Alan S. Kim star. inclement by Isaac Jeong, Officially Selected as an American Drama Competition at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival | A24 / Sundance Institute

What is’Buttercup’?

inclement To a family drama film directed by Isaac The walking dead Star Stephen Yeon.

The official description of the film follows.

A gentle and comprehensive story of our roots, Minari follows a Korean family who moves to a small Arkansas farm in search of his American dream. The arrival of a cunning and nasty but incredibly loving grandmother completely transforms the family home. Amidst the instability and challenges of this new life in the rough Ozarks, Buttercup shows the irresistible resilience of the family and creating a real home.

Except for Yeon, actors Han Ye-ri, Kim Allen, Noel Kate Jo, Scott Hayes,
Yoojung Yoon, Will Patton.

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At Sundance, the film won both the American Dramatic Awards Jury Award and the American Dramatic Audience Award. It is part of an elite group of seven films that have won both Grand Jury Awards and Audience Awards. Another movie that did the same thing is Ryan Coogler’s Fruit Vale Station, Lee Daniels’ PreciousAnd Damian Chaselle’s encouragement.

What the director and the main actor said about the movie.

In the interview AP communication, Jung talked about the inspiration for the movie. The director used events from his childhood as the basis for the film.

“I wanted to create a narrative so that this family would have different pockets of how they won’t be successful and how they won’t survive,” he said. “That was the tension I had. Each family member has its own turn and opportunities for growth and maturity. Rather than the traditional narrative of one hero, how can you make the whole family a hero?”

Yeon said that this story is a story of immigrants different from what she saw on the screen. This fact led him to the project.

“Sometimes the identity[s] The focus is on the difference in how you approach others or see Americans,” said the actor. “I have read a lot of scripts about immigrant families. In most cases, it is for an audience that needs clarification or is not themselves. That way, you lose authenticity and become romantic in some ways and idealized in others. When I read the script, I said: This is a true, not ashamed, story about these humans.”

inclement Coming soon on the A24. The specific date is not yet known.

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