Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X – If You Can: The Best Buy Site Fights Restock Need

Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X - If You Can: The Best Buy Site Fights Restock Need

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Today may be your last, best chance to get a score PS5 Or Xbox Series X. Or S. Before Christmas. The next gen consoles went live at Best Pie on PT (9 am ET) at 6am Teased by retailer on Monday – and the site is immediately bent under request. Like Walmart and other retailers earlier this season, pre-planned inventory drop retailer sites become inactive or unusable. The Best Buy site displayed “Sorry, something went wrong” messages on several product pages for the consoles in question after 6 p.m.

Before 10am, the CNET Best Buy website was able to confirm that it had started selling at least some of its PlayStation 5 shares to a few users, however you should be quick and lucky to receive the update. Despite the yellow “Add to Cart” buttons appearing, the Best Buy app provided pop-ups advising shoppers that in some cases the item could not be added to the cart and that more inventory would be released “every few minutes”.

The pop-up added a “tip” that if you can load it in the cart, “Update quickly, because it will sell out soon.”

At 12:15 p.m., PT began listing the Best Buy Xbox consoles for sale, so you should quickly see if you have a chance to add them to your cart just like the PS5.

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Are there any inventories still available for the PS5 or Xbox models? It’s not clear, but here are links to company pages for all four consoles if you want to try your luck.


If you like the convenience of digital games, the PS5 digital version is the way to go.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

It doesn’t look like the wrath of the Xbox Series X, but this console is cheap and very beautiful. Great for anyone who wants to subscribe to the secondary console or the Xbox Game Pass.

And Ackerman / CNET.

On paper, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful of all the next-gen consoles.

Despite being on sale a month ago, new PlayStations and Xboxes are incredibly hard to find. The Best Buy tweet announcing that there will be more stock on Tuesday was retweeted 1,600 times within 50 minutes of going out.

Has anyone really succeeded in making a purchase today? Based on screenshots of an event (and unverified) like the one below on Twitter, it looks like at least one lucky one did:

Is there any more stock in Best Bag today? We have an inquiry with the retailer, and we will update this story if you ask for any specials.

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