Buyer/Seller for four interesting targets

Buyer/Seller for four interesting targets

Seller: Cincinnati Bengals. Looking at All-22 Coaches’ Films, it’s clear that eleven-year pros still have some juice left in their tanks. Dunlap, who is not a lead-and-react player, can reach the quarterback with an outside rush and plays best when it comes to an offensive upfield in the DE position. In six matches this season (four starters), Dunlap scored only one bag. However, from 2016 to 2019, the average was a little over 8 per season, so we are making it recently. It is unlikely that Dunlap will have a future in Cincinnati as the Bengals continue to rebuild under second-year coach Jack Taylor.

Buyer: Seattle Seahawks. Many teams crave a proven pass rush, or at least need a pass rush for improvement. But since Dunlap is the best in the four-player game, Seattle seems to be a good fit. The Seahawks are emphasizing going down the ball and going to the quarterback, and pass rushers often play with a lead, so they get plenty of chances to rush pass rushers.

Potential reward: I will be swapping the 5 round picks for the Dunlap and 6 round picks. Had I been Seattle’s GM John Schneider, I would be willing to turn that reward into a 4th round player if the Seahawks made it deep in the playoffs and Dunlap had at least six sacks for the rest of the season.

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