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When the sun goes down Movie Ticket Ticket Store By 2020, it will be difficult to see the figures without considering anything less than catastrophic. After more than $ 11 billion in five consecutive years of revenue in the United States, this year’s revenue is expected to be $ 2.3 billion – the biggest decline in 40 years. This is an 80% drop from last year, according to data company ComScore.

Globally, with markets fully recovering, ticket sales could be between $ 11 billion and $ 12 billion. Last year, the total.5 42.5 billion. But it is clear that 2020 is the year with a big star. “This is a year like no other,” said Jim Orr, head of distribution Universal Pictures. “We have never seen such a small movement in this field.”

Except for January and February, Pre-epidemic standards cannot determine the amount of money for the year. The box office, on the whole, is easily predictable in a normal year. But when the rooms closed on March 20, “everything went through the window,” said Paul Tergrapedian, an experienced media analyst at ComScore. “The unpredictability has changed.” Most American cinemas went unopened for six months during the summer, typically at 40% of annual profits.

In the last two years, the summer movie season has grossed more than $ 4.3 billion. This year, it is 6 176.5 million – which is the majority of a drive-in. “Drive-in is the hero of summer,” Terrapedian said.

When in-cinemas reopened in late August and early September, they were limited in capacity and limited in production. Now, about 35% of cinemas are open in the United States, with some major markets closed, including New York and Los Angeles.

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Despite the steady stream of new releases, Blockbuster’s key locations are very limited. Some went into streaming services, while others switched to premium digital leasing, but most stayed in 2021 or later.

Still can not say that 2020 was the first time without a film for more than a decade Marvel. The Walt Disney Go Superhero Factory has topped the year-end rankings for the past two years Avengers: Endcom e Black leopardTwo or more films followed in the top 10 places.

Surprisingly, the top 10 spots of 2020 are a bit confusing and are mainly made up of movies from the first two months of the year. Of Sony Bad boys for life In the first place in the United States since January, 6 206.3 million revenue. Second in the world, behind the Chinese film Eight hundred. This is the first time the world’s most popular film has been made outside of Hollywood.

Only post-locking images entering the top 10 places Denet, Written by Christopher Nolan, in eighth place.2 57.2 million and straight The Groots: A New Age, Which was launched on Thanksgiving Day and so far. 30.8 million, ranking 10th.

“Salvation is that even though people have unlimited access to home options, they are still looking for cinema,” Terrapedian said. “People want to leave home and have fun. That desire has not changed, but the potential to do so has been very limited.”

Theaters have adopted advanced security protocols and have a variety of ways to get people back to their seats, but attendance is low. “People go to theaters to escape. If you go to a cinema where you have to wear a mask, you have to sit back and be very aware of your surroundings, this is not how the experience should work, ”said John Sloss, media director at the consulting firm. Synotic.

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“Judging this year by those who went to the movies, it’s doing a terrible job of what’s really going on.” Do not be in the future.

Small theater owners get a little life with an infection relief package. But the business implications are staggering, and it may take some time to learn the full impact.

It’s no secret that streaming services, whether subscribed or on demand, have filled a huge gap for movie fans looking for new content. Options continue to compete with cinemas for the eyes and consumer dollars when people are at home, and some believe cinemas are the death penalty.

In general, studios tend to drop the model even though some priorities have shifted to streaming. “I think there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel,” R said. “I 100% hope that as vaccines continue to be released, as many people as possible will run back to the cinema. The model will not go away.”

Disney CEO Bob Chapeck noted on the company’s latest investor day that they made $ 13 billion at the box office in 2019. “This is not something to be despised.” Last weekend, Wonder Woman 1984, Which aired for free on HBO, covering 2,100 US. 7 16.7 million in cinemas. This figure would have been a disaster before. For infection? This is a post.

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