By 2021 LG will change the gram design and keep it light

By 2021 LG will change the gram design and keep it light

LG Gram is essential in the ultraportable world: performance and lightness have been its brand for generations, and by 2021 they came up with an updated design and 16:10 screen innovation.

What is your favorite screen? 21: 9 is fine even on a smartphone, 16: 9 on a TV or tablet, but it’s worse than productivity on a laptop because it’s too much control over the amount of data we can display or create vertically. LG seems to have made an interesting commitment here, and offers a vertical one and makes the most of our productivity potential.

LG G17 (Model 17Z90B), LG G16 (Model 16Z90B), LG G14 (Model 14Z90B), LG G2-in-116 (Model 16D90B) and LG G 2-in-1 14 (model 14T90P).

The 2021g comes with 11th generation Intel Core processors and integrated Iris X graphics and LPDTR4X RAM. The most generous batteries in the family are 80Wh, we have to think that all of these come in very light metal bodies. For example, despite its 17 inches, the largest gram model weighs just 1.35 kg, while the 14-inch model weighs 999 grams.

The LG G17 (Model 17Z90B), LG G16 (Model 16Z90B), and LG G14 (Model 14Z90B) are available in Portugal, but without further confirmation prices.

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