Calendar 2021: Bridges, long weekends and holidays to enjoy

Calendar 2021: Bridges, long weekends and holidays to enjoy

As 2020 comes to an end, we have left a difficult year marked by the Govt-19 epidemic, which has often forced us to keep ourselves locked up at home. Therefore, we look to the future with the hope that we will be able to make the most of the 17 holidays in 2021, of which 13 are mandatory. These accounts include three public holidays of various municipal holidays and a favorite carnival.

The good news is that with 11 holidays a week and only six on weekends, there is a chance of building six bridges.

2021 did not start badly. January 1 is a national holiday. Since it is Friday, there is a chance to do a three day long weekend. Can’t travel from county to district and has curfew order with complicated numbers due to Govt-19, but can relax.

In February, the first opportunity to build the bridge awaits. The carnival is definitely coming up on a Tuesday, February 16th. The holiday is optional because it depends on the decision of the municipalities and companies, but it can rest for four days, the possible bridge at 15, which is Monday. In fact, it is customary for the government to grant tolerance even at this stage.

The bridges have three more possibilities: 4 and 11 June and October 4. Easter is not a bridge, but it always offers the opportunity for a three-day long weekend between April 2nd and 4th.

In addition, there are three more municipal holidays; June 13 (Sunday), Santo Antonio Day; On June 24th, s. Jonah (Thursday) and June 29 (Tuesday), St. Peter’s Day, provide a bridge for residents of the latter two municipalities.

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The least profitable holidays in 2021 fall in May, August and December: May 1 (Labor Day), August 15 (presumption day) and the fall Christmas weekend.

Here is a complete list of vacations and possible bridges:

  • January, 1st. The year begins with a mandatory holiday, which will hit a Friday in 2021.
  • Tuesday, February 16, Carnival. Possible bridge, Monday 15th is not a mandatory holiday, it depends on the decision of the government, municipalities and institutions, and the tolerance of the bridge also depends on this decision.
  • April 2, Good Friday. Since Easter is celebrated on Sunday, April 4, you can make a long weekend because it is a holiday.
  • April 25 is a Sunday, Independence Day.
  • May 1, Labor Day Saturday too.
  • June 3 is coming Thursday. It is the holiday of the body of God. Also it offers the possibility of a bridge on Friday, which is June 4th.
  • Thursday, June 10, is also Portugal Day. It allows for a bridge, which is Friday, which is June 11th.
  • June 13 is a Sunday, St. Anthony’s Day. This is a municipal holiday. It is celebrated in districts such as Lisbon and Vila Real.
  • June 24 is a Thursday. It’s St. John’s Day and it’s a municipal holiday. Possible Bridge, Friday, for those celebrating this holiday. It is celebrated in districts such as Porto, Prague and Almada.
  • August 15 is a Sunday. This is the day of our Lady’s Assumption.
  • Tuesday, October 5, is Republic Day. Possible bridge, Monday, October 4th.
  • Coming up on Monday 1st November. All Saints is celebrated daily. It gives a long weekend.
  • December 1 is a Wednesday. Holiday to restore freedom.
  • Wednesday, December 8, is the day of the Immaculate Conception.
  • Got it on a Saturday, December 25th. It’s Christmas.
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