California man stealing $22 million from PPP loan

California man stealing $22 million from PPP loan

SAN FRANCISCO-A California Five years ago, a man convicted of cheating several local governments in the state was charged with stealing $22 million from a payroll protection program.

Richmond’s Attila Colar, 48, known by several pseudonyms, including Dahood Sharieff Bey, has been accused of fraudulently falsifying documents to take advantage of federal programs trying to keep small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. San Francisco’s US Department of Justice said Friday.

If convicted, Colar faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of $1 million.

Can California’s policies be applied on a federal scale under the BIDEN-HARRIS administration?

Prosecutors tried to imprison him by telling the court that Kola had tried to destroy records related to PPP applications by putting them down in the toilet when the investigators executed a search warrant at his home in Hercules.

According to criminal charges, he filed nine loan applications, including three from All Hands on Deck, a non-profit organization established to provide services to people released from prison or prison, and received $1.1 million in one of those applications. Prosecutors said they forged payroll tax documents to appear to pay over $22 million in salaries to employees who did not have a W2 form to support the claim.

The loan was not paid, and lawyer Patrick Hanley wrote a motion asserting Coke’s release.

“This is a lossless paper crime. “A fraudulent case alleging misrepresentation in a loan application,” wrote Hanly. “The loan was held in the defendant’s account for at least two weeks before being seized by the FBI.”

East Bay Times report Colar is the leader of a black Muslim mosque in Auckland and a group derived from Your Black Muslim Bakery. The bakery’s leader was arrested and later convicted of murdering Auckland journalist Chauncey Bailey.

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Colar was convicted in 2015 and was sentenced to five years in prison for filing bogus documents to sign security contracts with Alameda County, the Los Angeles Department of Water, and the Los Angeles Housing Authority.

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