California woman blows up online in orange dress on beach photo during west coast wildfire

California woman blows up online in orange dress on beach photo during west coast wildfire

California Woman is being slammed Social media To post a “hearing impaired” picture on Instagram forest fires Sweep West coast.

Earlier this week, Colette LeClair Self explanation Influencer posted two pictures of herself on the beach in the San Francisco area. Bright orange dress. The sky behind her is also a shade of orange. fire.

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According to the caption’s screenshot, in the initial caption edited afterwards, LeClair said it was his last day in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles.

“I’m selling nice dresses and they are all linked to the latest post on!” It looked like the original caption was saying. “It’s from @shopakira, but it’s old. I found something new on their site and linked to my blog post.”

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However, LeClair’s post was quickly called stupor.

On Thursday author Caroline Moss tweeted the original caption and screenshots of the Instagram post, criticizing LeClair.

“We live in hell,” Moss wrote: Twitter. “(This is the influencer who posted photos of the clothing she sells by *possing* on the San Francisco beach as the wildfires raged around her).”

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Since then, LeClair’s original caption has changed and the caption has been turned off.

Friday current post said:“My last day! I wanted to say goodbye to the sea and the beach and do what I’ve enjoyed a lot here for years-TRIPOD PHOTOS. Please donate a lot of clothes now! This guy can’t go to LA with me, but here’s someone who will love it.”

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People were still dissatisfied with the post, even though LeClair changed his tone on his Instagram post.

But LeClair told Yahoo that she was trying to say goodbye to San Francisco and the beaches she loves before she moved to Los Angeles.

“I take pictures on the beach,” she said Website. “I like the beach.”

“I went to the beach and put on a dress to donate the next day,” she added.

The Golden Gate Bridge has a smoky orange hue due to a wildfire in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. (Frederic Larson via AP)

She also told Yahoo that the fire was “serious”.

“I’ve always been searching for fires, like most people in California do, and it’s been around since the fire started,” she said. “I’m really sorry for the fire.”

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