Can a computer create a theory for everything?

Can a computer create a theory for everything?

“In the times when AI will come back and tell you, we have reached artificial intelligence, you have to be very scared or very excited depending on your vision,” Dr. Techmark said. “The reason I do this is, honestly, because I see it as very intimidating, because we created the most powerful AI and had no clue how it works – right?”

Dr. Thaler, who runs the new company at MIT, said he was once skeptical of artificial intelligence, but is now an evangelist. As a physicist he realized that he could encrypt some of his knowledge on the machine, and then he would give very easy explanatory answers.

“It’s going to be a conversation between man and machine, it’s very exciting,” he said. “Rather than having a black box, you don’t understand making decisions for yourself.”

He added, “I do not particularly like to call these techniques ‘artificial intelligence’ because the language obscures the fact that many AI techniques have solid foundations in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Yes, he noted, the machine can transcend all its training and find far better solutions than it can achieve: “But in the end I am still determined to achieve what definite goals, and if I know, I can aim for more ambitious goals than that. My goals can be rigorously defined in language the computer understands, and then AI can deliver powerful solutions. ”

Recently, Dr. Thaler and his colleagues presented their neural network with a fraction of the data from the Large Hadron collision, which crushes protons together in search of new particles and forces. Protons, the building blocks of nuclear material, are the bags of small companies called quarks and gluons. When protons collide, these tiny particles exit in jets, and any other attractive particles combine from the energy of the collision. To better understand this process, he and his team The computer asked to differentiate Between quarks and gluons in collision data.

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“We said, ‘I’m not going to tell you anything about quantum field theory; I’m not going to tell you what a quark or a clown is on a basic level,'” he said. ‘ It can do it. “

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