Can pigs be trained to use a joystick? Science says yes – observer

Can pigs be trained to use a joystick?  Science says yes - observer

Although the intelligence of the animal kingdom is immeasurably complex, many scientific studies have shown that pigs have a very strong cognitive response. It is now known that these animals can be taught to use Joystick, At least that’s what a team of American researchers guarantees.

According to a scientific article Published At the frontiers of psychology, researchers were able to train four pigs Joystick With the tip, when looking at the computer screen, through the food incentive.

The team decided to try the same stimulus mechanism with a video game in which four pigs had to be tackled Joystick Maneuver until the cursor crashes into one of the four wall-like structures that appear on the screen. After the confrontation, the game sounded loud and the pig got a snack.

Experiments were conducted with three, two and one wall-like shots to determine which of these situations was simpler for each pig. The results were very different between animals, two of which were easier to complete the task when given less than three walls.

“The fact that pigs have achieved this level of success in a task outside of their reference field indicates their behavioral and cognitive flexibility,” the researchers said in the article.

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