Capcom Resident Evil 4 remake changes direction

Capcom Resident Evil 4 remake changes direction

The development of the Resident Evil 4 remake seems to have slowed down as Capcom changed the direction of the game due to constructive disagreements with M-Two Studio.

News VGC, Citing sources close to the project, claims that M-Dow’s role in production has been reduced, leading to Section 1 Studio, which is primarily responsible for recent Citizen Evil titles.

According to VGC, the remake will be led by M-Doo’s director Tatsuya Minami, which, according to sources in the studio, is funded by Capcom and Metal Gear Rising and Bayonet 2.

The studio was partly responsible for the remake of Resident Evil 3, accepting the role of Minami’s executive producer.

Several sources cited by VGC said that after reviewing the plan at the end of last year, due to differences of opinion on the direction of the game, Capcom decided to reduce M-Dow’s role in the remake. Apparently, M-Two wanted to keep the remake of the original game true, while Capcom’s production team wanted a new approach – inspired by the original, but not limited to new features, narrative elements and places to explore. Citizen Evil4.

The same sources believe that the development of the game can be restarted to some extent, which will lead to a possible delay, which will move the introduction of the game to 2023. In addition, they revealed that these types of leadership and directional changes are common in Capcom.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most popular games of the franchise, having sold approximately 10.4 million copies and is considered one of the best by critics.

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Capcom has not yet commented publicly on the rumors. If confirmed, will Shinji Mikami, the creator of the original Resident Evil 4, accept the new direction of the remake?

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