Capcom Resident Evil Village Villain Lady Dimitres Reveals Height

Capcom revela altura de Lady Dimitrescu, a vilã de Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village The long-awaited game, and when the trailer came out, a character fell in love with the internet: Lady Dimitresku.

Matrich stole the scene Teasers and Trailers The game for its appearance – mainly for its height. Taking this into account Capcom Art director Domonori released a message from Tacano, thanking the fans for their support and revealing the overall height of the character.

Posted in Social Websites, Tacano’s news reports that Alcina Dimitres has attracted a lot of attention in Japan and other parts of the world, and that the development team is very pleased with the public response. In the note, he reveals that the height of the character is 2.9 m, counting his high heels and hat.

With the information, apparently fans started comparing Matric with other villains Citizen Evil, Nemesis and Mr. X. See:

Another art shows her with her vampire daughters:

It summarizes the feel of the Internet:

Resident Evil Village PS5, Xbox Series X | Scheduled for May 7, 2021 for S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will be dubbed into Brazilian Portuguese.

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