Capitol. The trial of the Donald Trump case is two weeks late

Capitol.  The trial of the Donald Trump case is two weeks late

A ThatMethod The U.S. House of Representatives reached an agreement this Friday to adjourn the hearing on Donald Trump’s dismissal for two weeks, allowing more time for new President Joe to take office. Biden, Before embarking on an unprecedented process: Attempting a former president to “incite rebellion.”

A CâMethod Delegates, for their part, will file charges of dismissal next Monday afternoon, with senators to be present. Assignments For trial the next day.

According to the New York Times, The adjournment of the hearing would have been a confirmation Both party In the Senate. Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican minority, wanted to postpone another week. February, Something that has fallen.

Democratic Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer, Indicated that the Senate would wait until 8 p.m. February, Thus getting time to prepare the case and defense.

“During this period, the Senate will pursue other tasks, such as cabinet recommendations and stimulus packaging for the American people. Govt, Which will bring some relief to the millions of Americans affected by this International spread“, Added the senator this Friday.

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