Captain Tom Moore was the target of several crimes. The family never disclosed it

Captain Tom Moore was the target of several crimes.  The family never disclosed it

A The family of Captain Tom Moore has revealed that he was the target of numerous insults and criticism from those who tried to attack the elderly man who raised millions of euros for the British National Health Service (NHS).

The old man became a hero and was crowned Queen of England for his achievement, but he did not escape criticism.

The family kept something secret to protect him. “I think it would have broken his heart if he had known that there are people who hate him,” the daughter told the BBC.

Sir Tom Moore died on February 2, after contracting Covit-19 and developing pneumonia.

“How can you tell a 100-year-old man that an incredible thing attracts so many bad things?” Asks Hannah Ingram Moore, who said she and her brothers did not want to share what was going on with their father and decided to focus on the good part.

A World War II veteran was appointed a knight of the British Empire Commission last year for trying to raise millions of euros for the NHS, a challenge he completed 100 times in his garden 100 years before completing his 100th anniversary, which took place in April.

Thanks to sharing his challenge on social media and in the media, Sir Tom Moore was not only able to meet but also surpass the திர 1,000 (12 1,128) collection target and reach a donation of around மில்லியன் 33 million (மில்லியன் 37 million) to the British National Health Service.

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