Cargo Ship Crew Searches Sunken As Second Typhoon Gets Closer To Japan | World news

Authorities have stopped searching for 40 crew members missing from an overturned cargo ship in the southwest Japan As typhoon Hai Shen hit the area

Typhoon, the second time in a week, is calling for a warning of torrential rains and violent gusts towards the southern clusters of Okinawa Island, Japan. Expect to cross the area late on Sunday or early Monday.

On Friday night, the Japanese Coast Guard announced that a third crew member had been found in Gulf Livestock 1. The ship carried 6,000 cattle when it was overthrown in the East China Sea on Wednesday. New Zealand To China.

A 30-year-old Filipino sailor was spotted waving his hand for help on a liferaft about a mile from Kodakarajima, a small island in Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Japan. Rescuers also found an overturned orange lifeboat a little further from the Ko Takarajima, but no one was inside.

One crew member died on Friday after losing consciousness in the water, and another crew member was rescued on Wednesday night.

Eduardo Sareno, the chief executive of the Philippines, rescued on Wednesday, told authorities that the ship overturned and sank after one engine went out and hit a huge wave.

Rescuers have found dozens of bovine corpses floating in the area.

Meteorological authorities have warned of typhoon Hai Shen for days, urging people to prepare for a situation that could be a record storm, set up shelters, and prepare to stock up on food and water.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said earlier Saturday that Haishen, carrying sustained winds of up to 198 km/h (123 mph), would hit Okinawa by Sunday and later hit the main island south of Kyushu. But pouring rain, high tide, and wind will come long before the typhoon, the agency said.

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Earlier this week, typhoon Maysak struck southern Japan, wounding dozens of people and shutting down thousands of households.

The 43 crew of Gulf Livestock 1 consisted of 39 people from the Philippines. New Zealand Two in Australia.

One of the Australians aboard the overturned ship was named inventory handler Will Mainprize on Friday. Another Australian is Lukas Orda, a 25-year-old male from Queensland who boarded as a veterinarian.

After the typhoon, rescuers resume the search. Three ships, four planes and two divers participated in the search.

In May of last year, Australian authorities delayed the departure of ships from Broome to Indonesia for a week due to sailing and stability issues. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority website said that the ship’s safety management system did not provide adequate operational safety for navigation and management because it did not use the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). ECDIS is a navigation system that allows vessels to easily determine their direction and navigate to their exact location.

The report added that the crew was not trained on how to use the system, adding that there are no up-to-date charts for the onboard system. Defects were reported to have been fixed and additional audits of the safety management system were conducted. No other serious flaws have been reported.

A spokesman for Maritime New Zealand said standard safety investigations for Gulf Livestock 1 were conducted, including inspections of livestock carriers and cages upon arrival and departure at Napier port. “No irregularities or problems were found,” the spokesman said.

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