Carnival trips represent less than 10% of sales in January

Inframerica’s expectation is 270,000 passengers will pass through Brasilia Airport on vacation

A study published by Braztoa (Brazilian Association of Tour Operators), which accounts for around 90% of leisure travel marketed in Brazil, found that, for 76% of associated companies, Carnival represented less than 10% of sales in January. . For 16%, the commemorative date accounted for 11 to 25% of period income.

According to Braztoa, the result shows that the marketing of trips for Carnival 2021 was strongly impacted. “There are many reasons. 97% of the companies consulted declared that the worsening of the crisis caused by the second wave of contagion was a major factor affecting sales. For 71% of those questioned, the late definition of vacation maintenance also contributed to the fact that the period did not represent a significant volume of operator marketing ”.

Among the best-selling destinations in the first month of the year, the North-East stands out, with Bahia, Ceará and Pernambuco, followed by the South-East, with Rio de Janeiro and the interior of São Paulo. Internationally, Cancun, Punta Cana and the Maldives stand out.


Roberto Nedelciu, President of Braztoa

Roberto Nedelciu, president of Braztoa, regretted the expectations created for the carnival period, which ended up not happening

For nearly half of respondents (48%), Carnival’s overall sales will not reach 50% of 2020 figures. For 47% of operators, sales for the first half of 2021 will not reach 50% compared to the same pandemic period (slight evolution, since, in December, 59% of companies expected this result). Compared to the second half of this year, the number of companies that expect a turnover that does not reach 50% shows a slight improvement and falls to 34% (in December, 48% of companies mentioned this possibility) .

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Almost half (45%) of operators believe that the launch of the vaccination campaign has already had an impact on consultations and reservations, even for long periods. When the topic refers to actual sales, that percentage drops to 29%.

“The cancellation of Carnival has a huge impact on the entire sector. Even with the pandemic, there was a great expectation of travel for the period, but this possibility was not realized, ”said Roberto Haro Nedelciu, president of Braztoa. “We emphasize that the protocols, adopted by companies in the sector and by all citizens, must continue to be followed and that, now, they gain vaccination as an important ally, as an excellent complement to the set of actions that provide a scenario in which people feel more and more secure to make their trips, whether for a moment to come or for the second semester. There are many promotions and great opportunities for those who want to plan ahead and the operators are ready to provide all the information and assistance needed. The challenges persist, but with unity and resilience, we will rebuild our sector step by step, making it more and more diverse and inspiring ”.

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