CARVALHOLL: If I found red for that, everyone would be kicked out … even the commentators »

CARVALHOLL: If I found red for that, everyone would be kicked out ... even the commentators »

This Tuesday Carlos Carvajal responded to the decision of the FPF Disciplinary Council The fine is 714 euros for you Your Expelled from Alliance CUP final. In the opinion of the technician, neither he was expelled nor the penalty he targeted was justified, especially if it was always so … everyone would have to be expelled.

“I do not know why. I do not have to pay 700 euros for what happened. If so, everyone was fired. If I was fired for that, everyone would be fired at both banks today … even two commentators on Sport TV for your comment. Euros and 0 days suspended “said SP 1-0 after the win over Gil Vicente.


Satisfaction with the performance of the players

“I am very satisfied and proud of the team and the team. We had some very tough challenges and we played with Benfica. [na meia-final da Taça da Liga] In a mud, after the final three days with the sport, in the second half, the game was dominated when we expected it to be the opposite, today we have already done one more and done another in three days is spectacular. “

The target was passed “against the most uncomfortable opponent”

“We did what we had to do, made eight changes, and the response in the face of a very uncomfortable opponent was very good, very well organized defensively and saw the counter-attack. We had a penalty and the game could have been different before positively. Three known points. “

Carvalhole and SP Prague’s “unprecedented” game series

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“I have a job I have never had and I think there is no coach in Portugal. In the UK, we played on Tuesdays and Saturdays. [duas vezes por semana, mas com mais um dia de descanso para o segundo jogo], But not here, if we go to the semi-finals of the Portuguese Cup, we will always play every 72 hours until March, it is terrible. No player fully recovers in three days and the risk of injury and fracture increases exponentially. We are the ones who created this challenge, but it is terrible, but because it is difficult, we are here. We will not throw the piece on the ground in any match, but I do not remember seeing a situation like this in Portugal, I do not remember being in football, I think it is new in Portuguese football. ”

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