Cat clip walking the wrong way on escalator is word of mouth

Cat clip walking the wrong way on escalator is word of mouth

This catwalk is definitely very attractive.

The less than 30 second clip of a cat going down the escalator incorrectly has been viewed more than 6 million times since it was posted online this weekend.

In a short clip, you can see a chubby black and white cat going up and down an escalator. It is reported that the incident occurred in a library in eastern China.

The “stubborn” cat seems to realize the mistake by watching a person pass by, but the resolute one continues the wrong path down the escalator steps.

According to the person who filmed the video, the cat eventually climbed onto the escalator, she said. Daily mail.

The stray cat at the airport named BOEING, adopted by the safety officer

Response to shared posts Two, TikTok’s Chinese version and other social media sites have mentioned cats’ motor skills.

“This is a sporting cat,” one commented, the Daily Mail reported. “These days, even cats have treadmills.”

Italian-born green-haired puppy, immediately named PISTACHIO

The cat was not injured, but how it first entered the library was not shared. Obviously you haven’t studied physics.

Other playful cats recently made headlines despite much more expensive curiosity.

Cats can celebrate the holiday season with the FANCY FEAST ADVENT calendar.

A British cat flooded the owner’s apartment.After learning how to connect the bathroom sink, turn on the faucet, destroy the floor and ceiling.

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