Catarina Gouveia devastated by a luxurious lifestyle: “So many trips … quite tired”

Catarina Gouveia devastated by a luxurious lifestyle: "So many trips ... quite tired"

Catarina gouveia she was heavily devastated by fans for being on vacation again, after enjoying a millionaire honeymoon in the Maldives. This time the actress is in Brazil with her husband, Pedro Melo Guerra, and several followers have criticized its luxurious lifestyle.

On her official Instagram account, the young woman shared some recordings of her vacation on Brazilian soil. “Smile, you are in Bahia,” he wrote in one of the captions, giving the news to fans.

However, the news was not well received by netizens.

In the comments box, there was a follower who pulled: “I would like to know the trick to make money without working… and the responsibility that exists to leave the country in times of pandemic… then towards one. of the countries most affected by this scourge! And it’s not envy … “

Catarina Gouveia answers the letter

Then Catarina did not let the criticism go by and replied: “I would also like to know the same thing: how to make money without working. If you find out in the meantime, please share. “

But it didn’t stop there. There was also a surfer who said: “So many trips… it’s tired”. And, once again, the face of SIC does not forgive and retorts: “Don’t invest your words and actions in what tires you, invest in what inspires you and makes you smile! It’s much better!”

Regarding the criticism of traveling in the midst of a pandemic, Catarina Gouveia clarified: “Regarding the individual responsibility of each of us, all the measures defined by the DGS, as by the government of Brazil, continue to be scrupulously respected, such as use wearing a mask, frequent hand disinfection, social distancing and avoiding congestion. Be careful [traduzindo para português, mantenha-se seguro”.

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Percorra a galeria e veja as imagens que preparámos para si.

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Texto: Carolina Sousa; Fotos: Redes Sociais

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