CDC Director: The United States sees more deaths a day than 9/11

This Winter America Will See More ‘Deaths per Day Than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor,’ CDC Director Says

The Dark winter Health officials warned us.

News Coming Govt-19 vaccines The epidemic has brought with it the hope that it can be managed in the future, a harsh reality of everyday life The death toll is rising Will be with us for the next few months, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield Said.

As Redfield spoke with the Foreign Council on Thursday – 3,253 people died from the virus in one day, and a further 2,902 U.S. deaths were reported by the end of the day – the doctor drew a sober picture of what the nation would continue to face. In the coming months.

“For the next 60 to 90 days, we’re going to face more deaths a day than we did on 9/11 or we were in Pearl Harbor,” Redfield said.

The comparison is devastating; 2,996 were killed on 9/11 and 2,403 were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the current pace, the country could surpass 300,000 deaths by the virus within the next week.

A bad Redfield added extra context to the things Americans face, saying the virus is currently the cause of more deaths than any other disease in the United States.

“In the United States today, it is very disturbing to realize that Covit-19 is now the leading cause of death, surpassing other causes of heart disease and death,” Redfield said.

Dr. Anthony Fossy acknowledged Redfield’s assessment, saying Americans now see a predictable spike in events following the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Redfield said the vaccine will not be available in a timely manner to prevent this from happening here this winter.

“The truth is, vaccination approval this week is not really going to be affected [the rising numbers of deaths] Any amount for the next 60 days, ”said Dr. Robert Redfield.

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