Check out five documentaries to watch on Netflix


As much as possible Netflix Be known for yourself Table Full of great series and fantasy films, this does not mean that it is huge Streaming Stay behind when it comes Documentaries.

With this in mind, we decided to put together a list of some of the best documentaries available on Netflix.

Check out five documentaries to see the monster Streaming. | Photo: Netflix.

Documentaries to watch on Netflix

13th Amendment, Presented by Eva Duvernay (2016)

Directed by one of the best filmmakers of his generation, the documentary focuses on exposing and condemning the functioning of the American prison system, which keeps prisoners under inhumane conditions. The title of the film refers to the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which states: “Nowhere in the United States or within its jurisdiction is slavery or forced labor, except that the defendant is duly punished as a punishment for a crime.”

So, if the film really ends in the country, it also reflects slavery.

Icarus, De Brian Focal (2017)

When finding a great project StimulantBrian Focal decides to go to Russia and see with his own eyes how things work. In a kind of “super size me”, Focal uses himself as the main face of the documentary, recording himself as a “guinea pig” to discover the “truth”.

Carter effect, De Sean Maynard (2017)

That Vince Carter is a great one NBA, No one questioned, but do you know its significance and the revolution it caused in the league? This documentary, produced LeBron James And Drake, helps introduce this very important person to the game.

Rolling Thunder Review, Martin Scorsese (2019)

Movement Scorsese, A life movie legend, this documentary recreates the equally famous Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder tour. Mixing the archive scenes with a bit of fiction, this documentary is a complete palette for music lovers.

Friends, De Chris Smith (2019)

Telling the story of one of the biggest musical failures of the last 40 years, a great festival that takes place on an island, is a real experience, but it’s all a big lie. This documentary aims to show us sympathy for the rich who are experiencing the problems of the rich, but it has not been so successful.

Plus, it works well when seen as a joke. It’s a lot of fun to openly confront the misfortunes of the organizers and get more attention. Better yet, interview only with rich “deceived” influencers.

The big problem with the documentary is that apart from focusing on the story of these rich men who missed a weekend in Los Angeles, they are not the real victims: the workers who were forced by the organizers and forced to work in dangerous situations to get a day’s salary, but to date they have not been available.

Written by Jono Point Parikatti Nacimento – Speak! Caspar

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