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Recently, the Netflix streaming platform released its February premiere calendar in Brazil. Highlights include the original products: The Invisible City, a national series with Marco Picos and Alessandra Nekrini; With Malcolm & Mary, Gentia and John David Washington; And for all the boys: now and forever, it ends the trilogy with Lana Condor and Nova Sentino.

The list includes the arrival of all the films in the Twilight Saga on February 15th and the first screening of the documentary on Peale on the 23rd. Check out the complete list:


Karate Kid: On his way to Beijing, China, his mother Tray (Jaden Smith) encounters a bully at school and is looking for a martial arts master. Adapted from the 1984 Classic.


Mia Team: After a trip to the United States, a talented singer returns to Brazil with a soulful voice and becomes a music icon. Starring Babu Santana, Robson Nunes, Alin Moraes and Cow Raymond.


Invisible city: In the first live action series written by renowned director Carlos Chaldanha (Era do Kelo, Rio, O Turo Ferdinando), an environmental policeman finds a different connection between the death of his wife and the appearance of a dead pink dolphin in Rio de Janeiro. As he progresses in his investigation, he discovers a hidden world inhabited by companies of Brazilian folk tales. With Marco Picosi, Alessandra Necrini, Jessica Chorus, Fabio Lago and Wesley Guimares.

Malcolm & Mary: A filmmaker (John David Washington) and his girlfriend (Zentaya) return home after the first scene of his film, and descend into a reckoning triggered by hidden tensions and painful expressions.

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For all boys – now and forever: What started with the old love letter turned into the new love story. What is the future for Laura Jean and Peter? With Lana Condor and Nova Sentino.


To Twilight Saga: Following the life and interest of vampire Edward and the human Bela, all films in classic history are: Twilight; New Moon; கிரகணம்; Dawn Dawn Part 1; And Breaking Dawn Part 2.


Danish woman: In Denmark in the 1920s, one or two artists lived an unconditional love story. The play is inspired by the life of trance pioneer Lily LB (Eddie Redmine).

Back to the future: Marty McPhee accidentally travels to the past. Now, he has to play Cupid and make his parents fall in love so he doesn’t stop being there.


Mission Impossible – Rainfall Effect: Ethan Hunt and his team must work with the CIA to save the world from nuclear disaster if a mission goes wrong. A Christopher Macquarie film with Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris.


Skin: The documentary tells the story of Pele, the quest for completeness, and the status of the football legend the player achieved. Directed by David Trihorn and Ben Nicholas and produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin McDonald (Munich, 1972: One Day in September).

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