Chicago Selects Design for Winter Outdoor Dining Solution

Chicago Selects Design for Winter Outdoor Dining Solution

restaurant Despite the cold winters, Chicago continues to have several new ways to serve al fresco dining.

On Thursday, Chicago Lori Lightfoot Market Announcement Three design items have reached the final round of the city. Winter meal challenge.

According to the announcement, these designs will be developed as prototypes and the three winners will each receive a prize of $5,000.

The winning idea is “Cozy Cabins”, designed by a company based in Atlanta. ASD | sky, “Block Party” designed by urban designers Neil Reindel and Florent Mettetal, and “Heated Tables” designed by graphic designer Ellie Henderson.

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According to apply, “Cozy Cabins” is adjacent to “cabins” with floor heating. The proposal also says, “It fits in the space of a standard parking space.”

The “Block Party” design consists of a heating module that can be pushed together or separated so that only two people can sit for multiple people to sit. apply.

Meanwhile, the “heating table” is basically a modified Japanese kotatsu. apply said. There is a heating element under the table and covered with a heavy blanket. Another flat surface is on the blanket so you can eat at the restaurant.

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According to the announcement, the competition received 643 entries in two weeks.

Entries were judged by the “Architect, Designer, Chef, Restaurant, Server” panel.

compete It was created in collaboration with BMO Harris Bank, IDEO design firm, and Illinois Restaurant Association.

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In a statement, Lightfoot said, “As winter approaches and COVID-19 responses are properly coordinated, we need to ensure that restaurants keep their doors open and have what they need to serve the community.”

Chicago announced three winners in the Winter Dining Challenge on Thursday. (iStock)

“Thanks to the outstanding creativity of the IRA and Winter Dining Challenge winners, we will not only be able to make this happen, but we will be able to do it in a way that shows the spirit of innovation in a safe and timely manner,” Lightfoot added. A big congratulations to all the winners of the Winter Dining Challenge.”

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Lightfoot also announced Thursday that DoorDash and the Illinois Restaurant Association will provide $500,000 to Chicago restaurants to “cover the winter costs of outdoor dining spaces.”

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In a statement, David London, Head of US East and Federal Government Relations at DoorDash, said in a statement, “Our city’s restaurants are finally starting to move forward and we need to help keep that momentum going. “DoorDash is committed to supporting our restaurant partners and the communities we serve. This initiative will provide important financial assistance in keeping the restaurant withstand cold weather, and we are grateful for the joint support of the City and the IRA.”

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