China bids farewell to Mike Pompeo as a “lying clown” – Spectator

China bids farewell to Mike Pompeo as a "lying clown" - Spectator

From hours Mike Pompeo The Chinese government, which has stepped down as US Secretary of State, has, in an official document, accused the regime of “blatantly lying” in treating crimes against humanity as an act of repression and one. “Genocide” of Uyghur Muslims, Xinjiang region. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied the allegations. Quoted by Reuters, Mike Pompeo “has told many lies over the last few years, this is one of his blatant lies”.

Pompeo fired at the Chinese government, saying “an American politician is known for his lies and deception”, with this statement, “a clown and a clown who makes fun of himself”. In addition to Pompeo’s criticisms, China at this point sent a message of further benefit to its successor. Anthony BlinkOn Tuesday, Pompeo and Trump said it would be good to take a tougher stance on China on human rights issues.

Although the United Nations estimates that there are at least one million Uyghurs in concentration camps, China has long denied the allegations. In addition, as the Associated Press revealed in June, the Chinese government is taking drastic measures to reduce birth rates among Chinese ethnic minorities of Uyghur Muslim descent, while encouraging the majority of Han couples to have more children.

China has been accused of keeping nearly a million Uyghurs in detention centers in Xinjiang. Experts consider the past four years’ campaign to be “population genocide.” AP says the government continues to subject minority women to pregnancy tests and strength uterine devices (IUDs), contraception and hundreds of thousands of abortions.

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The Associated Press reveals that China is forcing Uyghur birth control to suppress the population

Fifteen Uyghurs and Kasaks told Andhra Pradesh that they knew of those who had been imprisoned or imprisoned for having multiple children, some of whom had been imprisoned for decades. The former prisoner, Dursune Xiawathun, said he was injected until his menopause stopped and was repeatedly stabbed in the lower abdomen during interrogation. Jiawathun said women in the camp where she was detained should undergo gynecological examinations and receive uterine instruments.

“This is genocide, a complete cessation,” said John Smith Binley, a Uyghur expert working at the University of Newcastle in the UK. “It’s not as immediate and shocking as mass murder, but it’s a slow and painful genocide,” he said.

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