China is preparing for a historic start

China is preparing for a historic start

– China continues to develop its space muscles. On Tuesday, it rolled a rocket that is scheduled to lift to the moon early next week for an ambitious mission, Andhra. Long March-5 will carry Song 5, which aims to retrieve rocks and other objects from the moon — the first time humans have done this in more than 40 years. Natural. This task calls for digging about 7 feet below the surface of the Song 5’s Moon Lander component and bringing it to the discovery. This is a complement to China’s 2019 mission Became the first nation Land a rover at a distance from the moon.

Carolyn van der Bogert, a planetary geologist at the University of Munster, Germany, said: “Taking the samples from the moon to the next level is a significant technological feat. Currently, China has a mission to Mars. Might put Natural. As for the previous moon mission, China’s rover continues to send back photos, and There are recent ones.

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