China puts the flag on the moon

China puts the flag on the moon

China has planted a flag on the moon, The The BBC reported, Following the country’s journey to the lunar surface this week, citing state-run media.

A picture Shows the Chinese national flag on the surface of the moon, released by China’s National Space Administration.

Run by the government Global Times The newspaper said the photo The climber was loaded into a Chang-5 lander vehicle before taking off from the moon.

The spacecraft “unveiled the five-star red national flag, which is genuine made from fabric,” the Chinese sales station said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua chuckles Shared Pictures of the national flag on the moon.

The previous two Chinese lunar missions had flags in craft coatings, the Global Times noted, rather than actual flags at the poles.

The newspaper noted that the Chinese flag was first seen on the moon in 2013 during the country’s inaugural lunar mission, Chang-3. In 2019, the Chang-4 lander and rover brought the flag to the unoccupied area of ​​the moon.

Project leader Li Yunfeng told the Global Times that the organization used to raise the flag Features such as protection from severe temperature differences are given.

“A normal national flag on Earth will not escape the harsh lunar environment,” project developer Cheng Chang told a state-run newspaper.

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Earlier this week, NASA co-executive Thomas Surbuchen congratulated China on its lunar landing.

“This is not an easy task. We hope that when the samples collected on the moon return to Earth, everyone will benefit from studying this precious commodity that can advance the international scientific community,” he tweeted.

The United States was the first country to fly a flag on the moon during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. For Other flags Were planted on successive trips until 1972.

NASA has cited satellite images showing there are still five flags in 2012, but experts say the sun’s glare may have been white.

Astronaut Bus Aldrin said the first flag was placed very close to the Apollo lunar block and may have been thrown when it exploded.

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