China views the genocide in Xinjiang as a “slanderous attack” at the UN.

China views the genocide in Xinjiang as a "slanderous attack" at the UN.

According to Reuters, China today rejected allegations of genocide by Uighur Muslims and other minorities living in the Xinjiang region at the UN, calling them all “slanderous attacks.”

During his speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused religious repression: “There are 24,000 mosques in the West, there is freedom, so there is no religious repression, no forced labor and no genocide in Xinjiang.” .

“The door to Xinjiang will always be open to all. In fact, many citizens from many countries visit Xinjiang every year to learn the truth and truth on the spot,” Yi began by underlining the challenge: “China also welcomes the High Commissioner to Human Rights if you wish to visit Xinjiang,” he said. நா. Human Rights Commissioner Michael Bachelet said he would like to visit the area to find out the truth.

In January, before Trump stepped down as foreign secretary, Mike Pompeo said Beijing was “committing genocide” against Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region.

China responded immediately to what it described as “absurd and shameful lies” in the way it classified the US Secretary of State’s allegations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Zuning told reporters hours before the end of US President Donald Trump’s term that the qualification was “just a piece of our view.”

“In recent years, Mike Pompeo has spread countless lies and harmful ideas. The alleged (genocide) allegation is one of those absurd and blatant lies,” the spokesman said.

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