Chinese Ambassador Trump Suddenly Retires Before Election Due to Tension

Chinese Ambassador Trump Suddenly Retires Before Election Due to Tension

US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad is scheduled to resign ahead of the November presidential election. High tensions continue in the two countries.

Secretary of State Mike Pompey O announced Monday On Twitter Branstad said he would leave after three years, but the reason for his departure was not disclosed.

The US embassy in China added that Branstad will be leaving for Iowa in early October. This statement did not provide details on when his decision was made.

“I think our efforts Stage 1 trade transaction In a statement, Branstad said in a statement “We have made significant progress and will not stop asking for more.”

This announcement followed Pompeii’s accusations that Beijing was hypocritical To block the posting of op-eds Branstad wrote in People’s Daily, China’s largest state-run newspaper.

In a statement on Wednesday, Pompeii said, “The People’s Daily once again reveals China’s hypocrisy of complaining about the CCP’s fear of freedom of speech and serious intellectual controversy and the lack of fair and reciprocal treatment in other countries.”

Special feature issued by the State Department online, Condemns China for imbalances in national relations.

The People’s Daily said in a statement by the State Department that the article “is full of loopholes and does not seriously match the facts.”

“The US continues to expand political repression and persecution against Chinese media organizations,” the newspaper said, providing a new example of limiting visas for Chinese journalists working in the United States, including the UN headquarters, to three months. .

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On Monday, Pompeii praised Branstad for his tenure. Call him “In this important relationship, he is the best person to represent the administration and defend the interests and ideals of America.”

Branstad also played an essential role in “rebalancing” the US-China relationship to make the relationship more “mutual and fair”, Pompeo said.

U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad speaks at a trade conference with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hee at the Oval office on February 22, 2019.Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Image Files

Chinese officials did not immediately comment on Branstad’s departure. According to the state-run newspaper Global Times, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the US did not notify the post that the post would be emptied on the day.

Branstad’s departure comes at the worst moment in recent history of bilateral relations, Stephen Changi, director of the Chinese Institute at SOAS University in London, told NBC News.

“Diplomacy is the most necessary when relationships are difficult,” he said.

Last week, China decided to cancel the US visa for more than a year. 1,000 Chinese students and researchers By calling “Go”Explicit political persecution and racism.

Specifically, Branstad’s shortening of time in Beijing ahead of the elections is embarrassing, Tsang said. There is a risk of leaving the post blank until after taking office with no replacement announced.

The reason is unclear, but Tsang said it would not be triggered by a “small” dispute over the op-ed. There is no indication that it was China’s actions that have triggered the resignation so far.

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“I think all of this has to do with elections,” Tsang said. “I think it’s closer to the impression that Trump is taking a strong stance against China and to the question of trying to put the project on its own.”

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