Chinese banking company B 3B withdraws blockchain bond from list

Chinese banking company B 3B withdraws blockchain bond from list

China Construction Bank’s $ 3 billion blockchain bond is said to have been withdrawn following an initial delay.

The Pusang Exchange, the Malaysian cryptocurrency exchange responsible for listing the bond, said it had been withdrawn at the request of the issuer.

According to Reuters On November 23, the CCP branch in Labuan announced on November 20 that the issuance of securities to the Pusang Exchange would not continue.

The blockchain-based bond is to be issued by Longbond Ltd., a special purpose platform designed solely for the issuance of digital securities and the deposit of proceeds to CCP Labuan.

November 13, the day the bond is to be traded, The Pusang Exchange officially announced The $ 3 billion blockchain bond was delayed “at the request of the issuer”. According to a recent report, a letter came to Fusang Exchange from CCP Laban on behalf of Longbond postponing the listing.

As previously announced, CCP is one of the largest banks in the world. It is planned to raise up to $ 3 billion With the bond, the initial installment of $ 58 million.

Initial reports indicate that Bitcoin can be traded by interested buyers as the bond is tokenized and traded on cryptocurrency exchangeP.D.C.) And other cryptocurrencies for the bond. This claim was denied by the CCB.

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