Chive doll spotted on stage in Australian horror film – culture

Chive doll spotted on stage in Australian horror film - culture
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Chives were spotted in horror movie scene in Australia

Have you ever imagined finding Cebolinha, from A Turma da Mônica, in a horror film? A Twitter user found a doll of the character in one of the scenes from the 2007 Australian horror film “ Black Water ”.

Marcelo Hueb, the owner of the Watchful Eyes who found Cebolinha in the film, shared the scene on Twitter. “” Laughing that I watched a 2007 Australian independent film called Black Water and came across a participation … let’s say … quite unusual, “he wrote.

The thing was so funny that even Turma da Mônica’s official profile reacted, which makes it even more unusual. “We haven’t overtaken Cebolinha in the Australian independent film yet. We are continuing to investigate. “

“Black Water” tells the story of three young people who go on vacation to northern Australia. During one visit, their guide disappears and they are forced to turn around to survive in a swamp, where they have to deal with deadly crocodiles.

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