Chris Rock addresses Jimmy Fallon’s black face controversy:’He meant nothing’

Chris Rock addresses Jimmy Fallon's black face controversy:'He meant nothing'

Chris Rock Broke his silence over the surrounding controversy.Tonight show“A video of host Jimmy Fallon repackaging his impressions of Rock in blackface in his 2000 sketch is “Saturday Night Live.”

Fallon had to apologize last spring when critics demanded cancellation after the clip was repackaged amid rising accusations of comedians’ past use of black faces. The controversy focused on Fallon’s impressions of Rock, but comedians have been relatively quiet about the subject so far.

speaking New York Times Rock explained that ahead of the season premiere of “Fargo,” he did not tolerate the use of Blackface, but was not upset by Fallon’s impressions.

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Chris Rock talked about Jimmy Kimmel pretending to be black.
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“Hey, I’m friends with Jimmy. Jimmy is a great guy,” he said to the outlet. “And he meant nothing. Many people like to say that intentions don’t matter, but they are. And I don’t think Jimmy Fallon intends to hurt me. And he didn’t.”

He later argued, “Who needs it?”, adding that he believes “Black people aren’t cool.”

Rock’s remarks made a book end to the debate surrounding late-night hosts who had previously spent time on his show. Apologize to viewers.

Fallon had to really look into myself in the mirror this week because my story came out on “SNL” in June.

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“It’s not the fact that people were going to cancel me or cancel the show – it’s scary enough – but what bothers me most is’I love this person. I respect most humans and I’m not a racist. I don’t feel like this. ‘Added Fallon. “Instead, I kept getting advice to keep quiet and say nothing. And that’s advice because we’re all afraid.”

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Fallon explained that ultimately it has decided that being silent on this matter is the exact kind that is causing problems with racial tensions in America.

“I realized that silence is the biggest crime white people like me commit,” he concludes.

On his late night show, his words came out soon He went on twitter To apologize for the matter as well.

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“At SNL in 2000, I made a terrible decision to pretend to be Chris Rock at Black Face. There is no excuse for this.” He wrote. “I am undoubtedly very sorry for making the aggressive decision and I am grateful to everyone who has held me accountable.”

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