Chrissy Dean shares Luna’s reaction to John’s ashes

Chrissy Dean shares Luna's reaction to John's ashes

“It’s the most beautiful, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Luna, the daughter of Chrissy DeGeneres and John Legend, is four years old, but already has the empathy of an adult.

Today Chrissy gave a scene about her “incredibly sympathetic little mini”. Baby Jack.

“I’m been thinking a lot about Jack today. Our house is so open about life, death, grief, everything,” Chrissy wrote on Instagram in the title of her video. “We try to explain things well and answer every question we can imagine in a beautiful, spiritual, but simple way. I know this is a different post, but I wanted to share this to always remember my incredibly compassionate little mini.”

In the videos, Luna “put a little healing bear around Jackin’s bone”, as Chrissy explained in the clip, “The best part is I came downstairs and she gave him a piece of his favorite snack, a small piece of Pirates lock.”

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“Hi guys. Hi, this is Baby Jack, I’m Teddy. I’m Lona. How are you today?”

Instagram / rchrissyteigen

“She’s amazing,” Chrissy said.

“Life is infinite [Luna] In it, “Chrissy wrote.” I miss you, Jack. We miss you a lot. “

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