Citizen Evil Showcase | Multiplayer, trailer and demo

Resident Evil Village

Capcom is hosting a new event dedicated to revealing a little of what the “Resident Evil” saga has in store for “Resident Evil Showcase” fans.

Jan. Called the “Resident Evil Showcase”, the online event aims to show a little more about Capcom’s new game, “Resident Evil: Village”.

What we got was nothing more than that, nothing less. In addition to some information about a gameplay trailer and description, we also learned about the popular game start date and some more details Zombies.

Citizen Evil Village Trailer
© Capcom

“Resident Evil: Village” will be released worldwide on May 7 before booking. If it was a game only available on the new generation consoles it would have flown in the air, which was contradicted by the title developer Peter Fabiano. Ethan Winter’s new adventure will be available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. An important note regarding the compatibility of the titles is clarified, which clarifies both on the console if you purchased the game for the previous two versions. PlayStation, like the Xbox, will have one for you Update Free, if you purchase one of the latest generation consoles.

Later, two special editions that you can buy were revealed, namely “Deluxe Edition – Drama Pack” and “Collector Edition”. The first is not with the possibility of activating a filter Within the game, A song Safe room, “Mr. Everywhere ”, among others. The “Collector’s Edition” contains a theme box, a portrait of Chris Redfield, the aforementioned “Drama Bag”, an ideological art book, a poster and a metal card.

Deluxe Edition Resident Evil Village
“Deluxe Edition: Drama Pack” | © Capcom
Citizen Evil Village Collector's Edition
“Collector’s Edition” | © Capcom

The main focus of the event returns to the game trailer. In fact, during the Capcom event, there were three moments in the game. The first moment features a simple trailer that gives us a glimpse of the scenes, scenery and plot that come with us throughout the game. We take control of Ethan Winter, the protagonist of “Resident Evil 7”. In the second moment, we are already a little more detailed about the game, which includes Fabiano’s commentary that guides the experience, describes what we see, and refers to the existing new dynamics as well. Craft. Finally, there was space for an exclusive PS5 trailer that puts the player in the shoes of the mysterious character Maiden, an experience that has no place in battle or defense. To learn more about Maiden and what it has to offer, you can download a demo exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Finally, it was revealed that there will be another demo, this time targeting all players, somewhere in the middle of spring.

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At the end of the event, the multiplayer mode “Resident Evil: RE: VERSE”, “Resident Evil:” is also available to any player who purchases “Resident Evil: Village”. So far, many details about this mode have not been released yet, but it is known to be a PVP experience and will depend on the participation of countless characters already known in the world of “Resident Evil”.

Trailer | Tersiro Trailer Resident Evil Village

“Citizen Evil: The Village” promises to bring you hundreds of fears and screams. What do you expect from this game?

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