Clarke Schmidt’s debut shows that the Yankees are still in danger.

Clarke Schmidt's debut shows that the Yankees are still in danger.

It was in every way the exact opposite of the narrative the Yankees wanted to create on Friday night.

A young pitcher’s encore couldn’t make his debut. The second pitcher’s debut takes place at a tough spot, like constructing for the worst enemy. The two dominance has stopped.

Season in danger.

A long day in Baltimore 6-3 losses to the Orioles On Friday night, the Yankees’ entire 19th streak ended in O’s and 18-0 Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Both rolls Match 1 win 6-5, 9 innings The contest’s roller coaster In, who talked about the Yankees’ hardships as much as their successes, is the double header.

The Yankees, who recorded a total of 21-17 and 5-11 in their last 16 games, swallowed the lesson that even with the emergence of a young and promising weapon, their illness could not be treated efficiently. Instead of flirting about the Big League introduction that Clark Schmidt was hoping for, we found out that we were discussing the context of that introduction.

Bottom Line: Yes, Aaron Boone put his rookie player in one tough spot. He asked starter Schmidt to save his fellow prodigy, Deivi Garcia, with 2 outs, 1st and 2nd runners and 1 run in 5th inning. And while the Orioles rarely welcomed Schmidt to mash his pitches into prime time, they did well enough to hit hits such as Ryan Mount Castle single, Rio Ruiz single, and Fat Val Leica double, allowing the 24-year-old to get 3 outs. Scored 4 runs before recording. .

Clark Schmidt
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I was ready to rip the city in minutes because of this poor timing. But it’s pretty hard for the Yankees to get too hard on manager Albert Abru and Miguel Yazu Rega to hear who the bullpen is messed up in the schedule and the club’s struggle. It would have been a terrible idea to stick with Garcia with the 95th pitch that just lined up on the left field for Pedro Severino single. Those who didn’t have a good option weren’t shocking and had bad results.

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“It’s not an ideal situation to bring him in,” said Boone. I’m glad he’s out there now to get one under his belt.”

“It is a very blessing and very grateful to be in the Major Leagues,” Schmidt said. “Obviously, there’s a lot to do and we need to get better next time.”

The Yankees held a tie for second in the AL East with the Blue Jays who split the doubleheader with the Red Sox and maintained sputtering overall. If the first leg win was determined like Miguel Andujar, Injured Gio Urshela replacement -Delivered a Gore head single that scored Jonathan Holder (not a mistake) at third base. Also, they reflected their mediocrity as they repeatedly blown up their chances to open the game and had to pass 4-3, 5 innings. Ben Heller chose an alternative site after the match to quickly give Renato Nunez a gopher ball and make room for Schimdt.

(Between the games) “There is a little pressure on us. We talk a lot about it in the bullpen.”

How can’t it be? After signing a $324 million contract with Gerrit Cole (which dropped to $31.3 million thanks to a pandemic shutdown), the Yankees entered the American League championship candidate this season in a shortened season and instead faced their low-paid rivals, the rivals. It scored 2-8. Ray, crushed by injury for two years in a row, failed to reproduce the 2019’Next Man Up’ masterpiece. Urshela (right elbow bone spur) and Jonathan Loaisiga (unspecified disease) came in 14th and 15th. He was on the injured list this season.

“It’s going to be tough right now,” Boone said after Game 1, and Game 2 proved him as a fortune teller. The Yankees can’t make a functional narrative right now. The ballpark that inspired them is also different from others.

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