Clorox Imports: We are still disinfecting like crazy. Great for Clorox.


Clorox surpassed Wall Street’s outlook and raised its outlook by reporting fiscal first quarter earnings on Monday.

Overall sales increased by 27% from a year ago, and Clorox reported that 8 out of 10 divisions increased by double digits due to Covid-19 and people spending more time at home.

stock Clorox (CLX) Up 5% in the news. The stock price this year has now risen more than 40%.

People are using a disinfectant product named after Clorox to clean their home surfaces, cell phones, and laptops, but the company is benefiting from people who cook more at home instead of going out.

That’s because Clorox also owns the plastic bag brand Glad and the charcoal line Kingsford. Clorox’s household segment sales with these products increased by 39% over last year.

The demand for Clorox wipes and other disinfectant products is so strong Led to a shortage The company expects to last through 2021.
Clorox CEO Linda Rendle Inaugurated as the company representative this summerIn a revenue announcement, “Our priority is to maximize product supply. To make sure people have access to what they need, it’s about making use of all available resources.”
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