Clouds from the Sahara Desert are expected to fly across Europe over the weekend

Clouds from the Sahara Desert are expected to fly across Europe over the weekend

On the first weekend of February, the sky was painted yellow ocher, especially in the south and east of France, when dust clouds from sandstorms in Algeria were blown away by the north wind.

A chapter that led to a significant deterioration in air quality in overcrowded areas.

A new “big” and “dense” cloud of Sahara dust is moving north, and “is expected to affect parts of Europe over the weekend and early next week,” Copernicus said in a statement today.

The main block is expected to concentrate in eastern Spain and northern France, but the cloud is likely to reach Norway.

“We have seen similar events in recent weeks with significant impacts on air quality in affected areas,” said Mark Barrington, science director at Copernicus.

“We hope this will be the case for the next event, however it is not yet clear to what extent the cloud is visible to the naked eye,” he noted.

“Desert dust clouds can cause red skies, low visibility or stains on cars and windows with dust deposits, but these impacts can be difficult to quantify four or five days in advance,” the European Atmospheric Surveillance Service added.

Copernicus, on the other hand, has already predicted deteriorating air quality in Spain, France and the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, warning of the impact of these dusts on airways and soil deposits, especially for companies.

The previous cloud passed through Europe from February 4 to 8, resulting in several micrograms of particles per square meter in much of southern Europe, “several hundred times higher than average,” the Copernican service said.

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