Cobra Boy as the most watched streamline series on Bridgeton – Series News

Cobra Kai supera Bridgerton como série mais vista dos streamings

In terms of the most viewed images on streaming services, Disney + guaranteed the number one spot on Pixar’s soul rankings.

After Netflix announced that the Bridgeton series was the most viewed in operating system history, Another series of streaming service has won an important brand. Cobra Guy plans to have six seasons, Became a real hit among subscribers, and now, it came in first place Ranking Nielsen, Which measures the number of minutes viewed per production.

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According to data released from January 4 to 10, Cobra Kai topped the rankings with users Netflix 2.11 billion minutes from the three seasons of the program. Bridgeton finished second with 1.67 billion minutes compared to the previous week, down nearly a billion minutes. Cobra Guy lost about 500 million minutes.

With many references and Unpublished footage from the original film, Cobra hand It already is Updated for the fourth season And promises to explore the universe further Kit Kit, Brings back many memorable characters What can we expect from the next season of the series?

Meanwhile, Bridgeton, created by Shonda Rhymes, has been updated for the second season of the series, and promises to answer many of the questions that remain during the first wave of episodes. The show won over the audience Different actors, Its historical implications e Because it has a lot of hot scenes.

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It is interesting to note that out of the ten ranking positions, nine are occupied by Netflix products. Only Disney +, Montalorian, managed to be one of the most watched.

Streaming sites claim that Nielsen’s method does not capture the full purpose of viewing on devices other than TV sets. Nielsen only measures civilians in the United States, not other countries, and currently only includes this Amazon, Disney +, Hulu e Netflix In your ratings.

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The most pirated series of 2020 include Montalorian and The Boys

Nielsen ranked Pixar’s Soul as the No. 1 streaming film on four platforms, amassing 520 million views on Disney + in terms of movies available on streaming services. Unlike the display provided in the series universe, you can see a greater variation of streaming services, despite Netflix dominating this other ranking.

Check out the full Nielsen rankings below:

The original series

1. Cobra hand (Netflix), watched 2.11 billion minutes

2. Bridgeton (Netflix), 1.67 billion

3. Sabrina’s Dark World (Netflix), 768 million

4. Crown (Netflix), 494 million

5. The Virgin River (Netflix), 475 million

6. Mandalorian (Disney +), 411 million

7. Queen’s Gambit (Netflix), 392 million

8. KP’s Magic House (Netflix), 380 million

9. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix), 323 million

10. The story of the promise (Netflix), 314 million

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Purchased series

1. The criminal mind (Netflix), 842 million minutes

2. Grace anatomy (Netflix), 704 million

3. Shits Creek (Netflix), 651 million

4. Cocomelon (Netflix), 612 million

5. Neighboring butterfly (Netflix), 548 million

6. The occult (Netflix), 526 million

7. The new girl (Netflix), 427 million

8. NCIS (Netflix), 418 million

9. Fraudsters (Netflix), 273 million

10. A blacklist (Netflix), 264 million

7 movies that went straight to streaming


1. Soul (Disney +), 520 million minutes

2. Small big heroes (Netflix), 353 million

3. Unknown (Netflix), 330 million

4. 17, again (Netflix), 216 million

5. A woman’s pieces (Netflix), 190 million

6. Mona (Disney +), 182 million

7. Frozen II (Disney +), 176 million

8. Arrest me if you can (Amazon), 170 million

9. Range (Amazon), 134 million

10. 30 minutes or less (Netflix), 125 million

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