Confident! The Xiaomi Mi 11 doesn’t even come with a charger in its box

Xiaomi carregador Mi 11 caixa smartphone

With the introduction of the iPhone 12, Apple invented a part. He decided not to put the usual charger and earboats that are always with this device in the box of this smartphone.

This decision is based on environmental concerns and is degrading in many ways. Many brands immediately came to indicate their position, revealing that they were not going to follow the same path. It has to change and seems to be the first Siomi. The Mi 11 does not even come with a charger.

Apple has opened a new trend

Competing brands from Apple are showing that their next devices will have a charger for months. In publications shared on the Internet, Apple came to show that the decision was not right and that users wanted and needed this element.

Shiomi was one of those who followed this path, showing what their position will be in the future. The truth is that, very soon it will be shown that the result is not so wrong. Interestingly, now they seem to want to remove that evidence from the past.

Xiaomi will remove the charger from the next smartphone

According to Xiaomi, it was Lee Joon, the company's CEO, who confirmed that the Mi 11 would not carry a normal charger in its box. In Published Weibo unveiled the box of this new smartphone that the company will be offering earlier this year.

Everything is confirmed in the following sentence: “In response to a request for technology and environmental protection, the included charger is removed from the box. I hope to get your support. There is a better solution between business practice and environmental protection“.

Revealed the case of this smartphone

Interestingly, and through external information, coming via Twitter, it was revealed that there may be more changes. The well-known Ice Universe leak hinted that there might be other news for the Xiaomi Mi11.

This seems like a change of pace and of course all brands will pick up soon. After the Xiaomi you should see Samsung with the same result in Galaxy S21 and many more. See if these can be replaced by wireless chargers.

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