Conflict in German corona virus resistance becomes viral

Conflict in German corona virus resistance becomes viral

BERLIN (AP) – A video went viral during a clash over a corona virus demonstration in Germany on Sunday, where a young woman compared herself to a famous anti-Nazi militant and was later accused by a security guard of “trivializing” the Holocaust.

Many sought to portray themselves as victims of government persecution by opposing corona virus controls in Germany, which seeks to reduce new epidemics. Some even wear the iconic David stars that the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Third Star.

The woman spoke on stage Saturday evening in the northern city of Hanover, saying to fellow protesters, “I feel like Sophie Shaw because I was active in protest, gave speeches, went to demonstrations, and distributed flyers.”

Shawle fought the Nazis with his brother and other members of the opposition, White Rose. After distributing flyers at a University of Munich, he was convicted of high treason and hanged by the Nazis in 1943 at the age of 22.

While the female protester was speaking, a young security guard came on stage and repeated, “I’m not going to be a security guard for this kind of nonsense.” The woman looked at him in disbelief, while at the same time she called her speech “The Minimization of the Holocaust.” He was kicked out by the security and she angrily threw the mic down.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss tweeted on Sunday that the comparison with the show “mocks the courage needed to take a stand against the Nazis.”

“The Corona protests have nothing to do with the opposition. Nothing!” Mass wrote.

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The Nazis planned the genocide of six million European Jews during the Third Reign. They also killed tens of thousands of people who opposed their rule, such as communists, social democrats, church members or anti-government militants.

Meanwhile, German authorities were generally praised for their handling of the epidemic. The EU has recorded more than 14,000 corona virus-related deaths, only a quarter of those in the UK.


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